Welcome, What’s In Store, and a Little Bit of Background

December 30, 2021


Eva + Sam here, ready to help! Every episode we dive into our listener mailbox and help with one garden question and one interior design question. Feel free to send it on over to us HERE


Got a design or garden qUESTION?


Welcome to our very first episode! This has been a long time coming, and we are beyond excited to nerd out about interior design, garden, and all things home with you in the coming weeks, months, and (possibly) years. We’re diving into a little background here, so you have some context for who we are and why we started the podcast.

It helps to say who “we” areโ€” Sam Struck of StruckSured Interior Design, and Eva Kosmas Flores, a stylist + photographer. Sam is an incredibly talented interior designer who works out of Hood River, Oregon, with her team of 4 designers at her own interior design studio. Eva is a photographer, stylist, cookbook author, blogger, and general plant nerd. She teaches online courses about photography and the like, and is based in Portland, Oregon.

We started this podcast because we wanted to dive into the connection between your home’s exterior and interior, and also highlight sustainability within the design realm, which is often overlooked. There’s nothing like getting cozy in a room that makes you *feel* good to be in, and have a lovely view out of the window of a lush little garden, too!

Over the coming episodes, we’ll be interviewing experts in interior design, landscape design, and sustainable building + design practices. We’ll also have some cozy episodes that are just the two of us diving deep into one particular subject, dishing up the most helpful advice + insights possible.

We’ll also be answering listener mail in every episode, diving into one interior design and one garden question, so make sure to send those over to us with pictures ๐Ÿ™‚ We can’t wait to talk more with you!

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