Gardening in Small Spaces with Melissa of the Good Seed

March 8, 2022


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In this episode, we’re diving into making the best use of gardening in limited spaces with Melissa Cameron of The Good Seed! Melissa is an Organic Master Gardener and founder of the Good Seed. She is passionate about the connection between human health and nature and believes that regenerative gardens can help create food security and broaden ecological diversity.


For those just dipping their toes into gardening for the first time, Melissa recommends having a purpose-driven garden to make sure that what’s grown is used + enjoyed. For example, having a salsa-garden with tomatoes, cilantro, chives, and jalapeƱos if you’re a salsa fan, or a smoothie garden with kale, strawberries, and mint, etc.

Getting creative with the containers you use to house your plants is fun, too! She loves using untreated wood pallets for vertical gardens that make the most of limited space while up-cyling a regularly discarded material. She’s also seen bed frames and drawers re-purposed as beautiful and playful planting containers, too.

She highly recommends mulching the tops of your container plants to keep water from evaporating out of them as quickly. And if you have raised beds, the hugelkultur method of putting some old branches and twigs at the bottom to absorb water + slowly release nutrients into the soil is a great idea, too!

Make sure to tune into the episode for all of Melissa’s incredibly helpful advice for small-space gardening!

All images in this post courtesy of Melissa Cameron.

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