Designing a Functional Kitchen

March 21, 2022


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In this episode we’re diving into the most requested interior topic—kitchens! We’ve all soaked up the gorgeous gleaming and pristine kitchens on Pinterest and in design magazines and blogs….but how do those really hold up when you’re actually cooking, living, and moving in the space?


Well, one of the most important things when it coming to designing a kitchen that’s as useful as it is beautiful is the cabinets. When you’re picking out your cabinets, you want to think about accessibly and how you’ll use them. We recommend having drawers on the lower cabinets, so you can access the back of the cabinet storage space easily and don’t need to crouch down as much. If you want to store dishware in the drawers, many cabinet makers offer great wooden peg drawers that allow you to customize the storage space of the drawer to fit your exact dishware.

If you have frequently used appliances like a coffee machine, toaster, or microwave, and don’t want them out visible on the counter all the time, you also might want to consider getting an appliance garage cabinet. This is a cabinet that rests on your countertop but is set back so that there is a bit of usable counter space in front of the cabinet. Vertical slats are also really useful for kitchen storage for large but flat items like cookie sheets and cutting boards.

In terms of overall kitchen layout, you want to give at least 40 inches between the island and the cabinets so that there is enough room for someone to walk by when you have your dishwasher door or cabinet door open. It’s also important to think about the “kitchen work triangle”, which is the distance and trail between the sink, oven, and refrigerator. You really want that walkway to be as simple and accessible as possible, and minimize any awkward objects in the way.

We’re diving into LOTS more kitchen information in the episode including undermount vs overmount sinks, allll the types of kitchen countertops and which are the most durable, and much more, so make sure to tune in HERE + soak up all the useful kitchen tidbits to make the most of your space!

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