Growing a Cut Flower Garden with Sara and Jo of Selva Floral

April 5, 2022


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Our guests in this episode are mother and daughter team Sarah and Jo Blasi from Selva Floral Design. Sarah is a floral artist known for her unstructured and abundant floral & botanical designs. She focuses on sourcing local and sustainably grown flowers and foliages from the small flower farm she runs with Jo. Jo is an incredibly talented floral gardener and both she and Sarah grow a *HUGE* variety of flowers on a half acre of land in Oregon.

When it comes to getting more blooms out of your flowers, they recommend starting with the soil. A good, nourished soil will create much more blooms more easily and produce a healthy thriving plant that will bud more vigorously. They recommend using soil amendments like bone meal + compost, and there are many companies making organic soil amendments specifically blended for flowers. Growing conditions are also key, so make sure you understand the exact needs of that species of flower (does it need lots of sun, does it prefer partial shade, does it need a lot of water, etc) and plant it in a location that fits its needs + water it accordingly. And lastly, pinching back the stems can be really helpful with certain flowering plants.

Sarah and Jo also recommended a TON of amazing flower varieties during the show, and we have them listed below (click on the flower name for pictures of it) as well as some general resources + where to find Jo + Sarah. Make sure to listen to the show to soak up all of their *insanely helpful* flower growing advice!

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Seasonal Flower Arrangement Favorites

Long-Lasting Cut Flower Varieties

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