5 Tips for an Inspiring Home Office

February 7, 2022


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In this episode, we’re diving into all the ways you can create an inspiring, visually soothing, and functional home office. With COVID, many of us are working from home, and also dealing with many more family members at home while we’re trying to work, too, which can definitely make things tricky!


One of the best things you can do is to create privacy and separation between your work space and your personal “home” space—so if you’re able to have your desk in a separate room that’s not used as often (like a guest bedroom or a formal dining room), that’s reallllly helpful. And if you don’t have that option, creating a sense of separation through a beautiful room divider or a backless bookshelf can help with creating boundaries around the working area, too.

In terms of functionality, having comfortable seating is a MUST for an office. Nowadays we spend so much time sitting in front of our screens in chairs, that we really need to make sure we’re getting the support our bodies need. But you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for it, either. Covering an unattractive chair with a linen slip cover can make a huge difference!

Having some greenery around will also lift your mood and make the space feel more vibrant, light, and happy. Even if you don’t have a lot of light, there are houseplants like “snake plants” that do great in low-light situations and add a ton of beautiful green foliage to your space. And if you’re working out of a windowless space, like a walk-in closet, fake plants are totally fine, too! There’s lots of realistic-looking faux succulents out there that look really rad in glass terrariums.

Art and photographs will also help add beauty to your space, and give you comfort on those tough work days. Having family photos around can remind you of why you’re working and help with motivation, and just reminding you of the folks you love. And artwork is a great way to bring in your own unique style and tone into your space. Sam and I both definitely have a tendency towards curio/ old anthropology museum vibes with lots of glass cloches and scientific sketches of flowers and honeybees, and that’s reflected in our workspace, too. So definitely have a think of the types of images + spaces you love, and how you can incorporate that into your work space via artwork.

And lastly, the biggest visual impact you can create within your home office is through color. The color palette of your space has suuuuuch a big influence on how you feel while working in it. Do you want bold bright energetic tones? Or do you prefer soft and soothing pastels? Or do you want neutral walls and furniture so the art work and photos in your space really pop?

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