Creating A Sustainable Home with Brian Thackary of JRA Green Building

February 14, 2022


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In this episode, we do a deep dive into what it means to be environmentally thoughtful when considering a new house build. We are joined by the very knowledgeable and thoughtful builder, Brain Thackary of JRA Green Building (


JRA is known for their thoughtful approach to sustainable design and construction. With so much greenwashing happening today, we dig a little deeper in how to incorporate green building technologies and methodologies into the design of your home. We break down energy efficiency, envelope resiliency, and how to incorporate sustainability initiatives without breaking the bank. Brain, who serves as a Project Manager for JRA, has extensive knowledge of how to make sustainability attainable in an easy-to-follow and approachable way. We hope this episode will help bring clarity to green building systems and options! Get ready for a few good laughs and to learn where Sam sourced FSC certified furniture within big box retailers!

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