Designing with the Soul in Mind with Jessica Helgerson of JH Interior Design

February 28, 2022


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You’re in for a treat! In this episode we dive deep into the perspective of Jessica Helgerson, a masterful Interior Designer, with an unmatched ability to honor a home’s history while incorporating the current dwellers. Jessica shares what drew her into design and what life experiences inspire her to today. Part of Jessica’s expertise lies in the details she incorporates into a space to truly make each and every inch special.


Her projects are known for meticulous detailing and craftsmanship with a unique flare with the materials used. It truly is a work of art to see her projects come together.

With projects throughout the United States, and beyond, we are thrilled that she was willing to share a little bit of her magic. Grab a warm cup of whatever strikes your fancy and listen in on how you can honor the soul of the house you live in, while bringing in unique pieces to make your house truly feel like home!


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